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Complete Front Suspension Kit for Crosskart Buggy


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This front suspension is specially designed for off-road use and gives great handling and good traction due to its double A-arm independent format. The uprights are based on a Wilwood ps-1 left and right caliper non floating mounting. Detailed drawings and a 1:1 drawing to use as jig for bottom and top A-arm will be included in the plans. The uprights are designed for 12” rims including drawings for different bolt patterns. Dimensions drawing for shock manufacturer included.

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  • Independent double A-arm construction
  • Low friction PU hinge bushings incl. O-ring seals in A-arms
  • Different ATV Wheel flange bolt patterns availeble
  • Uses 2 brake discs Ø205 mm
  • Fits Wilwood PS-1 brake calipers + pads. (Wilwood nrs: #120-5453 / 120-5456 + 150-4091)
  • Track width: 1470 mm
  • Wheel travel: 215 mm
  • Shock travel: 120 mm
  • Roll Camber at full bump: 4.5º
  • Scrub radius / caster and ackermann principles taken in consideration for good handling properties


  • Detailed plans with build sequence and instruction
  • 2 brake discs Ø205 mm
  • All bolts, nuts, rod ends and other fasteners
  • All sheet metal parts
  • Pre-cutted lasered A-arm tubes
  • All precision machined parts
  • Wheel bearings and flanges (available in different bolt patterns)


  • Left and Right Wilwood PS-1 brake calipers + pads (Wilwood nrs: #120-5453 / 120-5456 + 150-4091)


  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Brake lines
  • Shock absorbers
  • Rims and wheels


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