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Steering System Kit for Crosskart Buggy


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The steering system has a short ratio rack and pinion including protection boots and a 300 mm steering wheel for quick change of direction. A stable HD joint hinge is constructed for tipping points in the steering column. The hinge, steering rack and steering wheel assembly’s includes mounting brackets and fasteners in the plans. The steering column is made out of seamless Ø24 x 3.0 mm tubes. Steering rods of Ø26 x 2.0 mm tubes. High alignment rod ends on upright side.

in stock

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  • Short ratio rack and pinion incl. protection boots
  • Stable hinge assembly for max 45º cornering
  • Chassis mounting plates for hinges and steering rack
  • 300 mm steering wheel
  • Steering coulomb rods and steering rack rods
  • High missalignement rod ends


  • Detailed plans with build sequence and instruction
  • Short ratio rack and pinion incl. protection boots
  • All bolts, nuts, hinges and other fasteners
  • All sheet metal parts
  • HD Rod end for suspension
  • Includes high missalignement rod ends
  • Includes 300 mm steering wheel
  • Includes steering coulomb rods and steering rack rods


  • In chassis welding
  • Painting


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