In this video you can see how the center hub is mounted into the chassis plates. In the video the prototype buggy is assembled. The center hub assembly has been through several upgrades since then:

  • Combined the threaded bushing for fixing the bearing carriers with other threaded bushings which are used in the buggy.
  • Increased the number of hardened dowels between the center hub and drive flange from 3 to 6 pieces making it possible to fabricate this part from aluminum. Depending on engine and terrain steel or aluminum should be considered.
  • Increased bearing size due to larger number of harden dowels and there pitch circle.
  • Developed own braking disc.
  • Reduced overall weight by re-designing components

The center hub is designed to transfer the power of your motorcycle engine to the driveshaft’s using a 520 chain wheel. The complete center hub with chain wheel, brake disc and brake caliper is supported by 2 large ball bearings with a Ø65 inner diameter. The assembly will be fixed by 4 thread bushings on both sides which are weld in the chassis plates. Due to these threaded bushings and slotted holes the complete center hub assembly is adjustable for chain tensioning. The main center hub part is available in an aluminum and steel version.