In this video you can see the buggy on its wheels for the first time. The buggy in this video is the prototype and has been through several changes since then:

  • Increased the height of the nose for more space in the cockpit and better shape.
  • Increased the width of the A-arms in front and rear suspension on frame connection.
  • Fitted Wilwood PS-1 left and right brake calipers in front suspension with fixed / non floating mounting brackets for easier building method.
  • Added different bolt pattern flanges for multiple rim options for front and rear suspension.
  • Adjusted position of the center hub for optimized drive shaft angles.
  • Increased the number of hardened dowels between the center hub and drive flange from 3 to 6 pieces making it possible to fabricate this part from aluminum. Depending on engine and terrain steel or aluminum should be considered.
  • Reduced overall weight by re-designing components

There will be a video online soon with the prototype in action. In this video you can see the great handling and cornering and maneuverability of the buggy. Stay tuned…..!