The pedal box is specially designed for Crosskart buggy’s with motorcycle engines. The pedal box has different travel options due to an extra lever stage on throttle and clutch pedal to fit different engine types. Through the demountable top plate you can easily change your throttle and clutch pedal cable setup and travel. The Wilwood T-1 master cylinder will give you a solid and safe braking system due to its separated front and rear brake lines. All pedals have their own torsion spring to get the pedals back to their neutral position and on both travel ends an adjuster bolt to setup the correct end stops (except the brake pedal).

This product contains all unwelded parts to build a complete pedal box for your crosskart buggy. And by complete we mean complete. Check the information below for the content of the pedal box kit. The pedal box plan (hard copy) is included.