This is the complete Gear Lever Assembly Kit for your Crosskart Buggy. This kit contains all the parts to transfer your shifting movement to the gearbox. The gear lever has an aluminium ergonomic handle with a strong steel holder to translate you gearshift movement into the push pull cable. The gear lever knob has a very tough and robust appearance.

The gear lever knob is bolted with an M10 bolt on a bushing which is welded to the main plate. The main plate of the gear lever is made of 8 mm steel in which weight reduction has been applied.

The hinge consists of an inner steel spacer, 2 plastic (POM) bearings, 2 O-rings and a welding bush. The hinges used for the gear lever are the same as in the A-arms. The hinges have low friction. A very precise manufacturing method has been used to achieve solid and reliable gear changes.

The high-quality push pull cable has a high load capacity. The cable has a very small bend radius and is guaranteed up to 1,000,000 strokes. The inner part of the push pull cable is reinforced stainless steel. The cable is extremely smooth and suitable for high travel frequencies.

Brackets for the push-pull cable to be welded to the frame are also included in this kit.

The gear lever assembly plan (hard copy) is included.