This is the complete steering system kit for your off road crosskart buggy. This kit contains all parts to steer your buggy quickly and directly. The steering system has a short ratio rack (ratio: 1.2) including protection boots.

A very precise manufacturing method has been used for the steering column to obtain a solid steering transmission. The steering stubs fit seamlessly into the steering carriers, which contributes to a very precise and direct steering.

The kit comes with a 300mm steering wheel for quick change of direction. A stable HD joint hinge is constructed for tipping points in the steering column. The hinge, steering rack and steering wheel assemblies includes all mounting brackets and fasteners. Also the building plan is included. The steering column is made out of seamless Ø24 x 3.0 mm tubes. Steering rods or Ø26 x 2.0 mm tubes. HD high misalignment rod ends are used on upright side.