Get the plan, build it yourself and start driving in the dunes, forest or muddy tracks! Is it that easy? Yes, we have done the engineering so you can go straight to building. Why? Because we like motorsport as much as you do! So get as close as you can to a WRC car experience for a fraction of the budget. Better start cleaning up your garage!


Independent suspension
Strong seamless tubing roll cage
Short ratio steering rack
Detailed building plans
Easy handling

Has it always been your dream to build your own buggy?


The FX1000 is a high performance off road vehicle. The beast is easy to tame and a blast to drive at high speed on or off the road. How? Our buggy has been designed with performance in mind and features a stiff tubular frame, double independent suspension and a short ratio steering rack for precise steering.

Save the frustration caused by reverse engineering, re-cutting and delay’s when building from scratch. With these detailed plans and parts you can start straight away.

Independent suspension

Independent suspension

The front suspension has an independent double wishbone construction. Scrub radius/caster principles are applied in the design and it conforms to Ackermann steering geometry.

Center hub assembly

Solid Center Hub

Solid one-piece steel center hub designed for widely available BMW E34 driveshafts and suitable for single Honda PC35 front brake caliper.

FX Buggy engine

Motorcycle engine

The buggy is suitable for chain- driven motorcycle engines with an internal sequential gearbox. The buggy is designed for high-rev engines with powers up to 180 hp and a torque up to 120 Nm.

Protective roll cage

Protective roll cage

Strong construction with seamless tubing. The engine bay space is adjustable and silent block bushings are used for engine mounting.

Double A-arm

Double A-arm

The double A-arm geometry ensures good traction and a very stable and easy-to-handle crosskart buggy rear end. Due to the negative camber throughout the suspension travel, these driving characteristics are well maintained when cornering.

Steering system assembly

Short ratio steering

The steering system has a short ratio rack (ratio: 1.2). A very precise manufacturing method has been used for the steering column to obtain a solid steering transmission, which contributes to a very precise and direct steering.

Gearshift system

Push-pull gear lever

The gear lever has an aluminium ergonomic handle with a very tough and robust appearance. The high- quality push pull cable has a high load capacity, is extremely smooth and suitable for high travel frequencies.

Pedal box assembly

Pedal box assembly

The pedal box is specially designed for Crosskart buggies with motorcycle engines. The pedals are adjustable for different engine types. The pedal box is designed for a Wilwood T-1 master cylinder.

Unlock Your DIY Potential with Comprehensive Crosskart Buggy Plans

Dive into the world of do-it-yourself off-road adventure with FX Buggy’s meticulously crafted plans. Our guides are more than just drawings; they are your pathway to building or enhancing your very own crosskart buggy. From novice builders to seasoned enthusiasts, our detailed “DIY” instructions and production drawings offer everything you need.

Why choose our detailed plans to build your own off road buggy? Because we eliminate the guesswork. Our plans come with precision-engineered designs for custom parts, ensuring you can fabricate your dream buggy without the hassles of reverse engineering, unnecessary re-cuts, or frustrating delays. We understand the excitement of starting a project and the satisfaction of seeing it through. That’s why our plans are designed to help you kickstart your build immediately, with clarity and confidence.

Step into the driver’s seat of creation with FX Buggy. Whether upgrading an existing project or starting anew, our plans are your blueprint to a thrilling off-road experience. Begin your journey today and pave the way to mastering the art of buggy building.

Empower Your Build with Precision Buggy Parts: DIY or Buy

At FX Buggy, we bridge the gap between dream and reality in off-road buggy building. Whether you’re hands-on with every detail or prefer the convenience of ready-made excellence, our solutions cater to every builder’s needs.

For the DIY Buggy Enthusiast

Dive into the realm of custom fabrication with our comprehensive laser files, featuring detailed drawings and 2D cutting files perfect for CNC laser cutting. Our plans are meticulously designed to ensure ease of machining, offering additional guidelines for drilling to achieve burr-free finishes. With our step-by-step welding instructions, transforming laser-cut plates into a robust structure has never been easier. For those intricate parts demanding utmost precision, such as bearing housings and A-arm bearings, we provide detailed CNC machining drawings, complete with tolerances and elaborate views to guide your process.

Prefer Ready-Made?: If machining parts isn’t for you, no worries! FX Buggy offers a full suite of precision-engineered parts for purchase. Crafted to the highest standards, our parts ensure your project moves forward without a hitch, saving you time and effort without compromising on quality.

Embark on your building journey with FX Buggy. Whether you’re creating from scratch or assembling with our premium parts, we’re here to support every step of your adventure. Start crafting your ultimate off-road buggy today, with the freedom to choose how you bring your vision to life.

Tailor Your Buggy Build: The Choice Is Yours

At FX Buggy, we celebrate the spirit of customization in every off-road buggy project. Understand that every builder has a unique approach, we’ve designed our service to match your preference, project by project, part by part.

Embrace DIY Mastery or Opt for Convenience: Our comprehensive buggy building plans empower you to machine your own parts with precision, offering the thrill of creation from the ground up. Yet, we understand that some tasks require specialized tools or skills you may not have at hand. That’s where our bespoke service shines. Every component needed to assemble your dream buggy, from the smallest washer to the most complex bearing housings, is available for purchase directly from FX Buggy. This includes all bearings and fasteners, meticulously selected to meet European or USA standards, ensuring your build is not only a statement of craftsmanship but also of quality.

Streamlined Buggy Building Experience

With individual parts and combined buggy kits available, you no longer need to source materials from multiple suppliers. Each part’s number is clearly listed in our plans, guiding you effortlessly to our webshop for a seamless shopping experience. The advantage? More of your valuable time can be spent on what truly matters: bringing your ultimate off-road vehicle to life.

FX Buggy stands at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, offering you the freedom to decide how you want to build your buggy. Whether you’re machining every piece with your own hands or selecting from our precision-engineered buggy parts, we’re here to support your journey from blueprint to reality.

Efficiency and Reliability with Standardized Parts

FX Buggy is committed to blending custom innovation with standardized reliability. Our approach ensures that while bespoke parts make your buggy unique, the foundation of your build is grounded in accessibility and dependability.

Globally Recognized, Locally Accessible: We meticulously select materials and parts from the most reliable and mainstream manufacturers in the racing world. This strategy guarantees that the core components of your buggy are not only of the highest quality but also readily available off the shelf. Our plans detail each part’s manufacturer and specific part number, streamlining your sourcing process. This means more cost-effective builds.

Trusted Suppliers for Unmatched Performance

Some of the leading suppliers we partner with include Rod End Supply, Wilwood Brake Systems, RSI Equipment, and Summit Racing Equipment—renowned for their quality and innovation in the racing industry. By incorporating parts from these esteemed suppliers, your off-road buggy benefits from the latest in racing technology and reliability.

Build with Confidence

With FX Buggy, you have the assurance that every component, from the smallest bolt to the most critical braking system, is engineered for performance, endurance, and safety. Our selection process for standard parts is rigorous, ensuring that your build is not just a showcase of custom craftsmanship but also a testament to industry-leading quality.

Start your project with FX Buggy and experience the perfect blend of customization and standardization. Our commitment to quality means your off-road buggy will be equipped to tackle any adventure, powered by the best in both bespoke and standard components.