Get the plan, build it yourself and start driving in the dunes, forest or muddy tracks! Is it that easy? Yes, we have done the engineering so you can go straight to building. Why? Because we like motorsport as much as you do! So get as close as you can to a WRC car experience for a fraction of the budget. Better start cleaning up your garage!


Independent suspension
Strong seamless tubing roll cage
Short ratio steering rack
Detailed building plans
Easy handling

Has it always been your dream to build your own buggy?


The FX1000 is a high performance off road vehicle. The beast is easy to tame and a blast to drive at high speed on or off the road. How? Our buggy has been designed with performance in mind and features a stiff tubular frame, double independent suspension and a short ratio steering rack for precise steering.

Save the frustration caused by reverse engineering, re-cutting and delay’s when building from scratch. With these detailed plans and parts you can start straight away.

Independent suspension

Independent suspension

The front suspension has an independent double wishbone construction. Scrub radius/caster principles are applied in the design and it conforms to Ackermann steering geometry.

Center hub assembly

Solid Center Hub

Solid one-piece steel center hub designed for widely available BMW E34 driveshafts and suitable for single Honda PC35 front brake caliper.

FX Buggy engine

Motorcycle engine

The buggy is suitable for chain- driven motorcycle engines with an internal sequential gearbox. The buggy is designed for high-rev engines with powers up to 180 hp and a torque up to 120 Nm.

Protective roll cage

Protective roll cage

Strong construction with seamless tubing. The engine bay space is adjustable and silent block bushings are used for engine mounting.

Double A-arm

Double A-arm

The double A-arm geometry ensures good traction and a very stable and easy-to-handle crosskart buggy rear end. Due to the negative camber throughout the suspension travel, these driving characteristics are well maintained when cornering.

Steering system assembly

Short ratio steering

The steering system has a short ratio rack (ratio: 1.2). A very precise manufacturing method has been used for the steering column to obtain a solid steering transmission, which contributes to a very precise and direct steering.

Gearshift system

Push-pull gear lever

The gear lever has an aluminium ergonomic handle with a very tough and robust appearance. The high- quality push pull cable has a high load capacity, is extremely smooth and suitable for high travel frequencies.

Pedal box assembly

Pedal box assembly

The pedal box is specially designed for Crosskart buggies with motorcycle engines. The pedals are adjustable for different engine types. The pedal box is designed for a Wilwood T-1 master cylinder.

Detailed production and assembly plans

In the plans you can find detailed “DIY” drawings and instructions to build or upgrade your cross kart or off road buggy. Production drawings for the custom made parts are included with the plans so you can build this beast all by yourself! Save the frustration caused by reverse engineering, re-cutting and delay’s when building from scratch. With these detailed plans to build your own off road buggy you can start straight away.

Extensive descriptions to build the parts yourself

The plans have detailed drawings to machine your own parts. They are available with 2D cutting files to outsource all the sheet metal CNC laser cutting. They also have additional machining stocks for important holes so you can drill the parts afterwards making them burr free. We added the detailed welding instructions and sequences in the drawings to make sure you can assemble these laser cut plates into a strong structure. The high precision parts such as bearing housings, stub axles and A-arm bearings come with detailed CNC machining production drawings incl. tolerances and detailed views where necessary.

All parts can be ordered separately

To make the building easier we offer all the individual parts separately or in combined kits. All bearings and fasteners such as bolts, nuts, washers and clips are chosen from European or USA standard. In the plans you can find all the parts numbers which you will need in our webshop. The benefit of this? You don’t have to collect all these parts separately so you can spend your time on more enjoyable things: Building your own ultimate off-road vehicle!

Custom made where necessary, standard where possible

All used materials and aftermarket parts are standard off the shelf products which you can find at your local warehouse or dealer. The manufacturer and the correct part number will be shown in the plans. This makes the build cost efficient, and the aftermarket parts can be purchased in your own country or region so transport costs will be minimized. Some leading suppliers we use are Rod End Supply (USA), Wildwood brake systems (USA), RSI equipment and Summit Racing Equipment (USA).