Enhance Your Crosskart with Single Adjustable ProTech Shock Absorbers

Elevate your crosskart buggy’s performance with our expertly selected Single Adjustable ProTech Shock Absorber set from FX Buggy. This set includes two 400S shocks for the front and two 600S shocks for the rear, each paired with precision springs and pre-set to your buggy’s specific length and weight requirements. Designed to be race-ready right out of the box, these shocks are your ticket to superior handling and stability on any terrain.

ProTech 400S and 600S Series: Designed for Precision

Crafted from high-quality 6262 specification aluminum, the ProTech 400S shocks are perfect for buggies needing 1.9″ I.D. springs, while the 600S shocks accommodate 2.25″ I.D. springs. Both series feature a 1/2″ spherical bearing top and bottom, ensuring durability and smooth operation. The beauty of these shocks lies in their single adjustable design, allowing you to tweak both bump and rebound settings with a single, effortless turn. This streamlined adjustment process makes fine-tuning your buggy’s suspension simpler than ever, ensuring optimal performance with minimal hassle.

Single Adjustment for Maximum Efficiency

The single adjustable feature of our ProTech shocks is a game-changer for drivers looking for an efficient way to optimize their buggy’s handling. With the ability to adjust bump and rebound simultaneously, you can easily fine-tune your suspension to match any terrain condition or preference. This simplicity does not sacrifice precision; it ensures that your buggy remains responsive and agile, ready to tackle corners, accelerations, and decelerations with unmatched grace.

Pre-Set for Your Convenience

Understanding the importance of a perfect fit, we ensure that each shock absorber set is pre-adjusted to fit the unique specifications of your crosskart buggy. This pre-setting process guarantees that the shocks are not only compatible with your vehicle but also optimized for its weight and dimensions, providing a seamless, race-ready solution that enhances your driving experience from the moment you install them.