This is base kit. If you don’t have the tools, know-how or time to fabricate all parts yourselve, then this is the kit to go for. This basic kit has all the manufacturing parts, bolts, nuts, washers, springs, silent blocks and cables you need to build the FX1000 cross kart buggy. All special, non-standard, parts are also included.

With this kit we will bring the world of motorsport into your garage. Get as close as you can to the WRC driving experience for a fraction of the budget. The FX1000 off road crosskart buggy is specially designed for gravel tracks and medium rough terrain. With its short wheel base, low center of gravity and independent double A-arm front and rear suspension it is an easy to tame beast.

The FX1000 is a high performance off road vehicle. The beast is a blast to drive at high speed on or off the road. How do we manage to do that? Our buggy has been designed with performance in mind and features a stiff tubular frame, double independent suspension and a short ratio steering rack for precise steering.